What is Heroin Made From

heroinOf all the drugs that plague the United States, heroin is one of the worst. It’s a powerful drug that can easily cause overdoses or death. Users get addicted incredibly fast. Its production and sale funds some of the worst drug cartels and terrorist organizations in the world. With so many detrimental effects to our society, most can agree that heroin is at the top of the list for eradication from this planet.

While that is much easier said than done, we can start by trying to understand this drug, where it comes from and what it’s made of. When we really understand what the enemy is, we can start to take effective steps to get rid of it.

Heroin’s Basis as a Plant

The most basic form of heroin comes from the opium poppy. This is a flower with a large bud that grows in Afghanistan and other parts of Asia and the Middle East. Cultivated correctly, the poppy’s bud can be sliced to produce a white, milky substance. This poppy milk is the most basic form of a drug that all natural opioids are made from. Synthetic painkiller opioids are trying to mimic this structure, as well.

Various cultures have been refining the poppy milk into other drugs for hundreds of years. Opium is one basic form that has caused addiction, violence, conquest and revolution around the world over the past few centuries. After seeing that opium was incredibly addictive and caused a lot of problems, morphine was invented.

It was another type of opioid drug that was supposed to help addicts come down off of opium, but then it was discovered that morphine was addictive, too. Ironically, this story repeated itself when chemists created heroin as a “non-addictive” replacement for morphine.

Instead of helping addicts come off of morphine, it did the opposite and got them addicted to an even more powerful drug. This pattern has continued with the creation of methadone and other opioid drugs now being created to treat heroin addiction but which turn out to also be addictive and do nothing to help addicts get off of all drugs.

The Real Solution for Opioid Addiction

History has continued to repeat itself with newer opioid drugs coming out every few years, but none of these substances ever achieves the result of actually getting addicts off of drugs. In fact, each new generation of opioids just creates more addicts than the last.

In order to get all addicts off of all of the opioids that they are addicted to, we need to use a radically different approach. Instead of trying to ”treat” one opioid addiction by giving the addict a different opioid, we need to recognize that addiction will never be beat until we can get the addicts off of all the drugs they are addicted to.

We need to start completing ignoring “mitigation” as an anti-drug strategy. Instead, full and complete detoxification is the only answer. We have to help opioid addicts withdraw from whatever type of drugs they are on. It’s a difficult and painful process, but it’s one that addicts have to get through.

They then need to be brought through a regimen of effective drug rehab. Most centers can’t provide it as they just want to give addicts more drugs. Narconon Arrowhead, on the other hand, has pledged itself to always staying a 100% drug-free facility. At Arrowhead, addicts are helped to come down from their substance abuse problems and to fully return to a life of complete sobriety. It’s an approach that takes a lot more hard work, but it’s also an approach that works.

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