The Real Long Term Effects of Heroin

heroinHeroin is an intensely addictive drug that seems to have a string of adverse reactions on the body associated with it. The destructive long term effects a heroin user is doomed with are nothing short of an intensely painful situation. Administering heroin intravenously can cause collapsed veins and in turn infect the blood vessels and heart valves. Also, conditions such as arthritis and tuberculosis can occur due to the general deterioration of the body. The common habit and mistake amongst generic heroin culture of sharing needles gives way to the risk of contracting AIDS and other similarly contagious type of infections (HIV, hepatitis B and C, etc). It is evident how potentially unhygienic this activity is.

Some other long-term effects of heroin use include bad teeth, inflammation of the gums, constipation, cold sweats, itching, lowered immune system, coma, respiratory illnesses, muscular weakness, partial paralysis, reduced sexual capacity, menstrual disturbance, loss of memory, introversion, depression, loss of appetite, insomnia, hormonal imbalances and pustules on the face. This is the price paid for an overrated drug attached to a merited reputation of having a tolerance dependency which gains momentum dangerously fast, leading to an all-consuming and pricey habit.

On top of these effects, what the body has to endure during the plight of a heroin withdrawal is infamous for the distinctly unbearable process that it is. This situation which is normally described by users as severe discomfort is basically a vile combination of aches and pains throughout the whole body coupled with fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, sweat, runny nose, anxiety and restlessness. You can see how this could take a toll on the body with the continued use of heroin.

Additionally, something to take into consideration is the administration of snorting heroin. Some people are fooled by how it could appear less dangerous than the intravenous method, yet it has its own damaging effects such as damage to the mucosal tissues in the nose as well as perforating the nasal septum.

Heroin addiction is nearly diabolical in its insidious nature, as it lures you in, appearing a lot more innocent than the disconcerting situation the user eventually falls into. Though it may appear as an unfortunate accident, the long list of terrible effects from heroin use, the facts remain precisely legitimate and hide behind the veil of the drug’s glorified reputation. The stealth involved in a heroin addiction runs deep, and sometimes a heroin addict can appear as though they were an ordinary functioning member of society. Meanwhile their peers, close relatives and friends are none the wiser that this person has been stealing and lying from them for years. The addiction is sometimes known to have a snowball effect in nature, as the looming chaos can take a while to creep up, but when it does it is no less life-ruining than any other hard drug addiction- if not more. The common mistake recreational drug users make is experimenting with heroin. The potent effect of the drug makes it hard to try merely one time and many users find themselves swindled by the powerful high.

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