The 3 Types of Prescription Drugs and Their Effects

prescriptionThere are many types of drugs out there used for many different reasons. All drugs, however, fall into three general categories because of the usual effects they create. They are depressants, opioids and morphine derivatives and stimulants. The definition of a drug is a substance that causes the body’s senses to increase or decrease over a certain period of time, and then is usually followed by a crash.

Depressant Drugs

Depressants are usually used to cause the body to feel more relaxed. They are used for sleep medications when someone is having trouble relaxing enough to fall asleep at night. The common sleep medications you may be aware of include street names and official names such as Ambien, Valium, Roofies, Barbs, Tooies, Xanax and yellow jackets. Depressants come in both legal forms and illegal forms, but they can be abused on both accounts.

Depressants can cause drowsiness, which can make it dangerous

to operate a car or any type of machinery as it lowers one’s awareness and increases his chances of having an accident. They can also make it difficult to concentrate and can cause confusion.

One of the health risks that depressants can cause is lowered blood pressure, which can make circulation difficult in the body. They can also slow breathing and increase the chance of respiratory-related death. When depressants are combined with alcohol, they can be fatal.

Opioids and Morphine Derivatives

Opioids are used most commonly for pain relief. They often derive from the poppy plant. These drugs are taken orally or through a needle. They can be useful when one is in extreme pain, but they can be fatal when used incorrectly. They are also incredibly addictive. Some of the street names and official names for opioids and morphine derivatives include Codeine, Tylenol, Schoolboy, Roxanol, Monkey, Sublimaze, Actiq, OxyContin, hillbilly, heroin, Vicodin and many more.

These drugs can reduce pain and are often given to patients who have experienced a big injury or are undergoing an operation through which they will experience pain. They are highly addictive, however, and it is very easy for patients to go through painful withdraw symptoms when they are finishing their prescription, so they will seek more.

It is also common for this type of drug to be misused on the street. These pills will be obtained through legal or illegal means for people who are addicted so they can feel a high. However, if a user overdoses, it can lead to unconsciousness, coma and death. When combined with alcohol or other depressants, they are fatal.

Prescription Stimulants

The third type of drugs are stimulants. These drugs, as opposed to the two above which numb and lessen awareness, exist to increase the feeling of mental alertness. They can increase energy and the feeling of being exhilarated. They include drugs such as Adderall, Speed, Ritalin, Skippy and more. These drugs are used to alter behavior and can cause people to act very differently from their usual selves.

There is a possibility of suicidal and homicidal thoughts and tendencies when on this type of medication. They can also increase one’s heart rate and blood pressure. Some people will lose weight when on these drugs because it speeds up their metabolism and reduces their appetite.

These drugs can also cause increased heart rates with can lead to heart attacks and stroke. They can also cause loss of coordination and hallucinations. These drugs cause very irrational behavior and are extremely addictive.

If you or someone you know is using and addicted to any of the above types of drugs, it is important that you seek help for them. You could be saving the person his health or even his life.


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