Praying Away the Heroin Problem

prayingHeroin is a rapidly growing problem in many small towns across the United States. Arguable, it could said to be the worst problem. The amount of news stories about heroin arrests and overdoses in each of these towns is now unprecedented, and also shocking to the people that live there. In Most small towns, the mentality is usually one of “this can’t happen in our town”. With this mindset often comes a sense of denial about what is happening right in front of them, which adds to the problem. While many communities in the United States are struggling to find a way to handle their locally growing heroin issues, one has found a rather interesting method that could really be an eye-opener to other American towns.

In Owensburg, KY, local townspeople have begun a unique religious group to “pray the heroin away”. This group of townspeople meets weekly in hopes that their prayers for their town to overcome this upsetting heroin issue become answered. Amongst the people at these meetings are town officials and policeman, whom use this as an opportunity to discuss the dangers of heroin and drug abuse. These informative sessions are helping the people in the town to come to terms with the problem, and begin finding a solution. They also provide information to the drug users families and friends to begin to get them help. The people of this area started the heroin prayer group when they began to notice the growing list of drug-related obituaries in their town. Like many small towns, this every-growing list of overdoses and fatalities are the result of many types of drugs, but heroin tops the list and tends to be the worst. The thought of this town is to use a positive, spiritualistic approach to reach users and dealers. With this is the hope that their town can be returned to a nice place to live, where the streets are clean and the local users are helped.

Spiritual Belief to Cure Addiction

Religion and spiritual belief can be very helpful when it comes to fighting off drug addiction. This is because most heroin users have lost sight of the belief in his or herself to regain a normal life. A religious group may be able to bring together and unite to where these users may be able to see the light of reform. Support is a major faction of any drug user becoming clean, and spiritual belief may just be something that a person may need in his or her life to push through the troubles. Although religious or spiritual belief may be helpful as a starting point to rid the problem of heroin use, it should not be the only approach. A long-term rehabilitation center will provide heroin users with the physical and mental aspects that a heroin user will need to recover. Each rehab is equipped with professionals and a research methodology that promotes the success of each individual user. The best centers will typically use a combination of spiritual belief and long-term rehabilitation method as the best approach when rehabilitating a heroin user. This approach ensures all-around rehabilitation. It also reinforces staple beliefs and community support.

Nothing is stronger than a community that pulls together with support for the people that need it most, and the prayer group could be something that a user can connect with. It’s vital that small towns with drug problems do something, even if it is a small start like a prayer group. The power of people really multiplies when they all have the same goal, and the people who need support most can really benefit from this.


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