Addicts Turning to Prescriptions When They Have Trouble Finding Heroin

prescriptionIn keeping with the ever-changing hues of drug addiction, these days heroin has taken on a different shade of opiate. When heroin becomes hard to find, addicts turn to another form of their go-to drug: prescription opioids like OxyContin, Vicodin or Percocet. Addicts will tell you themselves: it’s Continue reading

How Heroin has Become the Replacement Drug for Painkiller Users

painkillerBy now, painkiller abuse has reached its fingers into nearly every American home. From teenagers to senior citizens, no one is exempt from the grip of prescription drug addiction. More and more, however, people are turning to other resources to get their fix—namely, heroin. In fact, nearly 14% of those who abuse prescription painkillers find themselves Continue reading

Five Signs of Hidden Heroin Use

heroinOne of the most vicious drugs known to man, heroin slashes through society like a carefully-honed dagger, luring users with its promise of power and conquest but always—always—ending in the user’s demise.

In today’s pharmaceutical-funded world, children and seniors and people from all walks of society find themselves hooked on opioids like Oxycontin and Percocet. When they run out of Continue reading

US Heroin Deaths Double

heroinIn 2010, one in 100,000 people died from heroin overdose. In 2012, more than two per 100,000 experienced fatal heroin overdose.

That’s more than double in two years.

Prescription drug overdose still trumps heroin, with more than twice as many people fatally overdosing on pharmaceuticals in 2012. Prescription opioids and heroin have more in common Continue reading

Heroin Branding Newest Way Dealers are Forwarding Addiction

heroinWhen you connect a specific product with an idea or an image using the name, slogan, design or logo of the person or company who owns it—you have created a brand. When you make that idea or image recognizable by people through marketing of some sort—that is branding. Branding is regarded as a vital part of commerce, allowing individuals Continue reading

5 Steps for Helping a Daughter Who is Struggling with a Heroin Problem

heroinNo one is ever prepared for addiction. Nonetheless, when a mother discovers that her daughter has a heroin problem, it hits harder than anything she could ever experience herself. Nothing breeds stress like incessant wondering, always jumping at the sound of the phone in the hopes that it’s her, yet terrified that it could Continue reading