Fifteen Common Street Names for Heroin

drugA rose by any other name would smell as sweet… and heroin, no matter what you choose to label it, is just as deadly. It’s notorious for its high rate of addiction and overdose, and nowadays it’s the Plan B for people hooked on prescription painkillers, but if you’re not street-savvy you might not know the long list of pseudonyms. Continue reading

5 Drugs That Have Given Way to the Heroin Epidemic

heroinIt shouldn’t come as a major shock that the heroin problem seems to have reappeared with a vengeance when dependency on opioids is turning into the increasingly popular drugs of choice. A drug that may have a myriad of nicknames (“Oxys”, “blues”, etc) but what’s more officially known as OxyContin seems to be the major influence leading up to heroin addiction. Though to most OxyContin users it may seem like an innocent recreational drug habit, in reality it’s actually one of the stepping stones toward a heroin-curious mentality. The reason behind this being that the nature of either drug is the same: the drug attaches to the opioid receptors in the brain releasing a euphoria of such potency that will almost guarantee to hook the user. The problem is that the high heroin provides is an extremely intensified version of OxyContin. It has a reputation to boot. This glamorized reputation surrounding heroin is the insidious magnet that attracts. The heroin-curious mentality is compounded by the fact that tolerance to opioids builds at an uncomfortably speedy rate. This soon becomes quite an unnerving predicament for the garden-variety OxyContin user. Continue reading

New Heroin Replacement Drugs Becoming Prevalent

heroinHeroin abuse in the United States is high and on the rise. It have been proven, in many surveys, that the rise in heroin use is a product of the prescription drug abuse problem. Over prescribing in the United States is at an all time high and causing significant problems for our society. While the misuse of prescription drugs is a major problem in our nation, the rise in casualties from heroin abuse is worse. The prescription drug abuser eventually runs out of their drug of choice and needs a replacement. Due to the high cost of prescription drugs, when the addict exhausts his home and that homes of his family and friends he needs a cheaper replacement. That replacement is heroin. The abundance of heroin and its high purity make it the number one drug substitute for prescription opioids. Continue reading