The Real Long Term Effects of Heroin

heroinHeroin is an intensely addictive drug that seems to have a string of adverse reactions on the body associated with it. The destructive long term effects a heroin user is doomed with are nothing short of an intensely painful situation. Administering heroin intravenously can cause collapsed veins and in turn infect the blood vessels and heart valves. Also, conditions such as arthritis and tuberculosis can occur due to the general deterioration of the body. The common habit and mistake amongst generic heroin culture of sharing needles gives way to the risk of contracting AIDS and other similarly contagious type of infections (HIV, hepatitis B and C, etc). It is evident how potentially unhygienic this activity is. Continue reading

Destructive Effects of Heroin Abuse

heroinHeroin is a very dangerous narcotic, more so when abused as it typically is due to the all-consuming high it’s been perpetually reported to give. The addictive aspect of heroin is so intense and so widespread that abuse and addiction seem to be the inevitable outcome with a large percentage of people who try it, even in cases of having strictly tried it with the intention of short-term use. The consequences of this particular drug are unnerving to say the least. The immediate effect of heroin is known as a rush, which is a surge of euphoria, and a warm feeling of the skin and dry mouth. This could sometimes includes vomiting as well as severe itching. This is followed by a kind of drowsy state that lasts for up to several hours, where the breathing and heartbeat slow down. A lot of times within this drowsy condition the user tends to nod off. Many addicts end up needing to use heroin in order to catch some sleep. Continue reading

Ten Different Facts You Might Not Know about Heroin

heroinIt’s one of the most addictive substances known to man, yet surprisingly, one of the most misunderstood. Stigmas abound when it comes to heroin, but the facts are often severely lacking. As in most cases of drug addiction, information can be the difference between abstinence and submission. Here are ten different facts you might not know about heroin. Continue reading

Myths about Heroin and the Truth

heroinThere are a lot of myths out there in regards to heroin, which has kept most people with a limited and somewhat vague impression of this dangerously addictive narcotic. The mystique surrounding the drug is no secret, however there is a lot of undisclosed information that brought to view will shed light onto the general misconceptions that these myths have offered. No matter the myth, the legendary heroin epidemic still remains an ongoing one which could be prevented with the proper drug education. Continue reading

Why Heroin is so Tough to Quit

heroinThe infamous drug known as heroin, with a pretty wide variety of nicknames ranging from Smack to Black Tar to the most commonly used “H”, is known for having addictive qualities of an insurmountable level. The mystery involved in the reputation of a seductive nature like this has been responsible for triggering a dangerous curiosity leading garden-variety drug users to heroin for sake of taking their high to the next level, a level which (per its reputation) beats any high attainable from every other drug on the market. The height of this captivating high has been reported as things like feeling “cradled by God”, a sensation of being wrapped in a “blanket of euphoria”, a powerfully intense tranquility that washes away all and any pain or worry, unadulterated peace and bliss commingled with love. The descriptions go on and on to say that it’s unlike any other feeling in the world, the best sensation imaginable, there’s nothing like it. It’s merely on some whole other level that cannot, under any circumstances, be compared to. Continue reading

Quitting Heroin is an Everyday Battle

drugsHeroin is notorious as one of the most malicious and deadly drugs on the market—one so ravenous that it consumes the user’s life, his connections, his job, and any thread of self-respect. The stigma attached to heroin makes it difficult for recovering addicts to speak out, making it seem like no one ever recovers from this beast of a drug. However, heroin recovery happens every day, and while quitting heroin is an everyday battle, many people conquer it and move on to live happy, sober lives. Continue reading