Heroin Vaccine Deemed Successful in Preclinical Studies

vaccineHeroin addiction is a major problem, contributing and playing a significant role in the drug problem today. It remains a legitimate issue, inflicting an expanding number of our youth in especially this country. It’s a growing epidemic with a string of relapses ahead of anyone who gets hooked on the stuff. Apparently scientists at the Scripps Research Institute found what may be a solution to one of the most infamous, yet glorified, drug addictions there is. Continue reading


war on drugsThe war on drugs began in 1971 when President Nixon announced it as an official strategy and began strengthening federal drug control agencies, pushing mandatory sentencing, and fighting against the legalization of marijuana (and yes, this was an issue even back then). The idea was to act strongly and decisively against drug use by targeting dealers and users with zero-tolerance policies, and by presenting them with penalties so strong that they would be persuaded to give up drugs. Continue reading

How Stopping Heroin is Similar to Changing Other Bad Habits

heroinHeroin holds the complex reputation of being powerfully addictive and simultaneously potent in the high it’s reported to give. This particular narcotic has been glamorized beyond belief due to its mysterious addictive quality and intense euphoria it will induce in the user. However, what if it’s not as mysterious as it’s made out to be in pop culture? It is simply a matter of looking into the reality behind the veil of reputation and understanding addiction as a general thing. Treated physically, of course, there should be no reason why an ex addict would venture back into a road of heroin dependency which once ruined nearly every aspect of their life. The consequences of this drug have been reported to be nothing short of harmful as a litany of horror stories across the country, even world, would shock even the hardest drug addicts. Heroin addicts are said to be some of the roughest addicts. But the question still remains: once physical treatment is handled, wouldn’t avoiding a heroin-filled needle in your arm be the obvious and logical decision especially after having to have gone through one of the most vile withdrawal processes in current drug culture? Continue reading

Where Heroin is Made and How It's Distributed

heroinHeroin is an extremely addictive narcotic that, when injected is known to induce a potent high upon its user. Heroin can be injected, snorted or smoked, but its most common administration is injection. The withdrawal of this drug, as well as addiction rate is disturbing to say the least. Heroin seems to be on an up trend in this country, a problematic issue as it’s one of the most popular narcotics in the United States. Heroin is made from the resin of the poppy plant. The fluid from the unripe poppy seed pod is scraped off and air dried to make opium which is in turn refined to make morphine. It is then refined from morphine to make various forms of heroin. It was first made in 1898 with the purpose of treating tuberculosis but has since evolved into the perpetually addictive and typically injected drug it is today. Continue reading

What Is The Real Heroin Antidote

cureOriginally created as a less potent and non-addictive substitute for morphine addiction, heroin is now recognized as one of the most potent and addictive drug substances currently in existence. Heroin is in the opiate family of drug substances – a group of drug substances that are derived from resin in the seed pod of the Asian poppy plant. The original opiate drug substance to make its way into America was opium itself, which was brought over in the early 1800s by Chinese immigrants. By the 1850s, opium addiction was a major problem in the United States, and scientists began looking for a way to preserve this drug’s pain-relieving qualities while reducing the drug’s potency and addictiveness. As a result of these efforts, morphine was created, and it soon proved to be far more addictive and potent than opium. Once again, scientists sought to preserve the pain-relieving qualities of opiates while reducing the drug’s potent and addictive nature, and heroin was born. Continue reading

5 Reasons Heroin Deaths Are Skyrocketing in Small Counties

countyThe numbers of heroin-related deaths have jumped dramatically over the past few years, ever since heroin has made its comeback, and the issue is only worsening. Putting a spike on the general homicidal counts of these small counties, heroin seems like the significant and equally dangerous point of cause to blame. A narcotic with a reputation of being so powerfully addictive, so potent in its reported high, it’s no wonder that increases like the Jefferson’s County’s 140 percent jump of heroin deaths in 2014 is practically the norm in the past couple of years. Continue reading