Narconon Treatment Program

Narconon Treatment Program

The unique and individualized aspects of Narconon treatment can help you reclaim your life.

The Narconon Program offers a unique and individualized style of drug treatment in both a long-term and residential setting. With this environmental foundation for safe, supervised and distraction-free drug rehab, Narconon has been able to maintain a 70% or higher success rate amongst our clientele.

When loved one admits he or she is struggling with a substance abuse habit, the personal and emotional struggle of family and friends surrounding the addict can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, time is of the essence—when a drug addict or alcoholic admits they need help, one should not wait very long to get this person into a treatment program right for them.

Restoring Personal Health and Wellness at Narconon

Upon arrival at a Narconon treatment program, clients embark upon an individualized recovery journey beginning with the step of withdrawal. Although withdrawal is infamously known as a period of strong discomfort, with the use of specially formulated nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals, these discomforts can be alleviated. Further, our Withdrawal Specialists use a technique of assistive therapies to help the body and nervous system begin to work again at healing itself.

Personal health and wellness is a large part of the Narconon philosophy. Even after withdrawal, our counselors and nutrition experts are focused on restoring physical health through a proper diet, exercise and supplements where necessary. Substance abuse takes a serious toll on an individual’s happiness as well as their hormonal and organic function. Many clients enter treatment at an unhealthy weight and with serious conditions which compromise their health. Because a clean and sober life depends on it, Narconon treatment puts a large focus on the importance of taking care of one’s health.

Narconon Life Skills Program

In later parts of the Narconon program, the Life Skills portion, fundamental (yet sometimes forgotten) abilities are laid out and exercised to a point where students can comfortably use what they have learned. Just some of the important aspects of the Narconon Life Skills portion of the program are listed here.

  • Communication – Although one of the most basic of human skills, communication is often underestimated in terms of its importance in daily life. An inability to clearly, effectively and comfortably communicate is at the heart of many problems relating to behavioral issues, substance abuse and criminality. Through specialized communication drills and exercises, students rehabilitate their ability to get their point across, control a conversation, deal with someone who is difficult or upset and more.
  • Picking the Right Friends – One of the most crucial parts of maintaining a life in recovery post-rehab is the establishment of a support structure. Positive friends and family who support the individual’s decision to live life without drugs or alcohol are the types of people which an addict or alcoholic will want to surround himself/herself with after treatment. In the life skills portion of the Narconon program, risky and dangerous characteristics are outlined so one can spot unsupportive, risky or anti-social personalities from a mile away.
  • Making Amends; Rebuilding Bridges – Many drug addicts and alcoholics enter treatment having burnt a lot of bridges and betrayed the trust of their closest family and friends. A true sign of personal strength and greatness is allowing these betrayals to be repaired through amends and other actions which rebuild trust. Recognizing one’s responsibility and righting one’s past wrongdoings is covered on the Changing Conditions in Life Course.

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