Myths about Heroin and the Truth

heroinThere are a lot of myths out there in regards to heroin, which has kept most people with a limited and somewhat vague impression of this dangerously addictive narcotic. The mystique surrounding the drug is no secret, however there is a lot of undisclosed information that brought to view will shed light onto the general misconceptions that these myths have offered. No matter the myth, the legendary heroin epidemic still remains an ongoing one which could be prevented with the proper drug education.

This obviously harmful and overrated drug should be exposed for the facts behind the myths, for what it really is and what use of it is capable of. Heroin is an insidious killer with an equally insidious and glamorous reputation that should be weakening as the truth sinks in through education of its undeniably valid repercussions. Heroin addiction is a real threat and should you or anyone you know have a problem or even curiosity in trying the drug, the starting point is getting the facts straight as it could save a lot of issues down the line.

Snorting vs Injecting

One myth is: “Snorting or smoking heroin is less dangerous than intravenous administration”. The fact behind this is that while you do have the risk of HIV transmission via an infected needle, any choice of administration of the drug is a highly dangerous one. Heroin, taken in any way, can very easily lead to risky sexual situations normally involving unprotected sex which in turn could lead to contracting HIV. It doesn’t matter how you use it, when abused, the drug is guaranteed to ruin your life and body.

Methadone vs Heroin

Another myth is: “Methadone is more harmful a drug than heroin”. This is an invalid statement, although methadone is a drug as well it is actually less harmful due to the mere fact of it being legal, requiring prescription, and being administered in a controlled fashion by medical professionals.

Excuses, Excuses

One myth that seems to render the drug user less responsible than they should be, lending them an excuse to be an addict, is: “Heroin users become addicted instantly”. This isn’t necessarily true at all. Addiction seems to differ, depending on the bio-individuality of the person who uses it and can take up to months to get addicted to. This myth is apparently the case, but in reality it is the user’s responsibility to become addicted to something, as it would be anyone’s responsibility to willingly come into contact with the drug.

Who Uses Heroin

The myth “Heroin is abused by older drug users” couldn’t be less true in modern society. This is an outdated fact. Heroin is a growing and widely popular narcotic amongst many drug scenes of all ages.

In conclusion, there is one thing to say about heroin and that is no matter what you’ve heard, where you’re mentally coming from prior to using it, no matter who you are, heroin use is a dark path that should be avoided like no other. There is no heroin myth that doesn’t have a horrific fact behind it.

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