Low Heroin Prices May Further Explain Epidemic

heroinOne barrier to becoming a drug addict for some Americans is the price of drugs. They’re curious about what drugs are like, but the price tag on cocaine and other expensive drugs turns them away. Just because you’re foolish enough to want to try drugs doesn’t meant that you’re not frugal, after all.

Legal drugs aren’t always much cheaper. In fact, even though marijuana has been legalized in over twenty states, it is actually incredibly expensive to buy. Buying one ounce of the drug with a medical marijuana card can still cost $400 or more. Casual drug users can balk at paying those prices, too.

One growing epidemic in America seems to be unaffected by prices, however. Heroin was on a decline for many years in the United States, but since the turn of the millennium it has come roaring back as one of the worst drug abuse trends in the country. One reason for this might be due to price.

The Low Cost of Heroin

In some parts of the country, heroin is reportedly being sold for as little as $2 a dose. As reporters in North Carolina are noting, this is cheaper than a bottle of water in many areas! It’s unbelievable, but you can actually buy heroin that is cheaper than water in some parts of our country. With the drug being ready available and at rock bottom prices, too, this may be a major reason that the drug is spreading so quickly.

The drug is usually produced overseas in Afghanistan and Asia, and it is then trafficked all the way to the United States, as we are the biggest consumer of recreational and hard drugs in the entire world. The US’s high standard of living and high wages has led to the ability to buy massive amounts of drugs, and we are being flooded with cheap heroin as a result.

Another Reason for the Spread

Many current heroin users actually got started on the drug after getting addicted to prescription opiate painkillers. These drugs are very similar to heroin, but they are purchased legally from a pharmacy after getting a prescription from a doctor. Millions of Americans are addicted to these opiate drugs, so lawmakers and the police have started cracking down on the supplies of these drugs going to addicts.

The high price of the pills combined with the crackdown has led to addicts having to find new drugs to feed their addiction. With these pain pills being so similar to heroin, and the price being so low, this even more dangerous drug seems like the best alternative. The results have been devastating.

In 2012, 148 people died in North Carolina due to heroin overdoses. That is an increase from the 77 that died from the drug a year before. With 100% increases in the number of people that are dying, we all need to take fast action to keep heroin from spreading even further.

Families that are concerned about the spread of this drug can start by educating their children on what heroin is and what it does. Young people need to understand just how deadly this drug is so that they never get interested in trying it. They also have to know what it looks like so they can report any sightings of the drug or its use to parents and the police.

When we all work together to fight back against drug use and all the problems it causes, we have a real chance of cutting down on the number of people in our communities that will die.


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