How Addictive is Heroin

heroinHeroin is among the oldest drugs on earth. It’s from the same family as opium and morphine. All of these drugs are derived from the opium poppy that grows in parts of Asia and the Middle east. Ancient cultures knew that the milk of this poppy could cause pain to go away, but in larger amounts it could cause them to go into strange trances where they would experience strange feelings.

These cultures attributed the experience to gods because they didn’t actually know what else could possibly be going on. If the opium milk wasn’t a gift directly from God, how else could they be experiencing these miraculous visions?

Closer to modern time, we have figured out the chemical make-up of heroin and what processes in the drug make it so addictive. It’s important for everyone to know this so that no one else falls into the trap of heroin addiction.

Injecting Versus Other Forms of Administration

One of the reasons that heroin is so addictive is due to the way that users put it into their body. Heroin is most often drawn into a needle and then injected directly into a vein somewhere on the user’s body. This puts it right into the bloodstream where it can move to the brain and have an immediate effect. Because the drug has such a straight shot right to the bard of the body where it creates its drug effect, it starts to alter the mind in a powerful way.

When drugs have to take a longer route to the brain and go through more changes, they ultimately can end up having less of an effect or can be less addictive. Heroin is a type of instant gratification drug to the brain that is very easy to be hooked on.

Punishing Users with Withdrawal

Another reason that heroin is incredibly addictive is because the drug has such strong withdrawal symptoms. If someone tries the drug and then come off it, his body and mind will punish him severely. He can go through shooting pains all over his body and can go through a seemingly endless list of other bodily problems. These symptoms “teach” the addict not to give up heroin, but to instead continue to use it indefinitely.

The Only Way off Heroin

In order to get over a heroin addiction, it is vital that the addict get into a rehab center as quickly as possible. While some drugs can be quit cold turkey without much of a problem, heroin is definitely not one of them. In order to come down from it, you need competent medical supervision to ensure that you stay hydrated and out of danger.

Once you have gone through this initial withdrawal phase, you’ll also need to go through a complete detoxification and rehabilitation program. Narconon Arrowhead is the best place in the world to do this. At Arrowhead, every client is able to go through a diet, exercise and sauna program that actually eliminates built-up drug residues (including that of heroin) from the body. It’s these residues that are keeping the addict coming back to the drug even when he wants to quit.

After the detoxification program, clients go through several life skills training courses that help them learn how to live without drugs. It’s a whole new viewpoint and life that former addicts have to make, as everything that they’re used to has surrounded the consumption of drugs. Forging a new, sober life is tough, but it is completely worth it in the end. Talk to a counselor at Narconon Arrowhead today if you are having any trouble with heroin.

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