Heroin Addiction Treatment

The Narconon Arrowhead campus

Our dedicated team of over 100 staff works to provide individualized care to our clients based on their needs.

The Narconon Program immerses its participants each day in different activities which promote drug-free living and resolve underlying issues which have lead to drug and alcohol abuse. Additionally, student activities and amenities exist for the purpose of creating a sober yet fun and safe environment for all in the course of their treatment program.

The Narconon Arrowhead Campus

Narconon Arrowhead drug treatment facility is located on 217 acres of scenic shoreline property on Lake Eufaula, one of Oklahoma’s largest lakes. Surrounded by Arrowhead State Park, our facility offers a quiet environment, ideal for recovery.

Upon arriving at Narconon Arrowhead and completing the required medical and intake protocol, students begin the Narconon Withdrawal Program. During this step, students reside in a private wing of the facility and receive drug-free therapies specially designed to alleviate the common discomforts associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal.

The withdrawal area is staffed and equipped with its own lounge and living areas, providing for all the needs of our clientele during these important first few days of rehabilitation. On completion of the withdrawal step, students move into the main building where they reside for the duration of their recovery, each semi-private room with its own bathroom and dressing area.

The Biophysical Aspect of Heroin Addiction Treatment

Narconon Program participants are referred to as students, reflecting the role of each of the practical courses which comprise the rehabilitation program. These courses encourage students to learn and re-learn important life skills for immediate application, self-betterment and a brighter future.

One of the key aspects to Narconon’s unique approach to heroin addiction treatment is the New Life Detoxification Program (NLDP) step. Often referred to as simply “the sauna program,” the NLDP is a closely supervised and individually programmed plan of exercise, nutrients and vitamins, ample hydration and intermittent periods in a dry heat sauna for the purpose of removing drug, alcohol and other toxic residuals from the body tissues.Such chemical substances can remain in the body for years after they are consumed, causing drug “flashbacks,” cravings and other discomforts.

This portion of rehabilitation varies from individual to individual and is done until a specific end result is achieved.

In the case of opiate (heroin) addiction treatment, this specialized detox program is especially important. Opiate addiction is largely fueled by drug cravings and an aversion from withdrawal symptoms. Narconon’s NLDP step targets the key biophysical elements of heroin addiction, giving individuals a fresh start on their path to recovery.

Narconon Treatment: What to Expect

Narconon’s recovery steps each require a student’s dedication and hard work towards overall program completion. The accomplishment of becoming a Narconon program graduate is hard earned but is a tremendous reward in and of itself.

Students on the program undergo classes or program steps from the morning until the early evening hours, after which time they may have personal time for laundry, fitness, talking with family, or activities such as bible study groups or other hobbies.

Based on decades of outcome studies, reviews, staff reports and graduate surveys have determined that approximately 70% of Narconon graduates live drug-abstinence lives–staying out of trouble, returning to work or school, etc.–for periods ranging from 6 months to several years after program completion.
To learn more about Narconon Arrowhead’s unique approach to heroin addiction treatment and other substance abuse conditions, please visit www.stopaddiction.com for more information.

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