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Choosing the right addiction treatment program can be overwhelming.

In most cases of substance abuse, time is of the essence. In other words, finding the right addiction treatment program quickly, is key. This search for the best possible drug program may be one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime, yet a simple internet search will turn up thousands of different rehab providers throughout the United States–how does one choose?

Each different drug and alcohol program differ greatly in their methods for recovery, staff qualifications, credentials, cost and effectiveness. Here are some important factors to take into consideration when choosing a program.

Addiction Treatment Types

Today there are many different types of drug treatment available, each of them offering their own individual merits. Treatment strategies should be chosen based off of the addict’s specific needs.

Spiritual and Faith-Based Treatment

Rehabilitation of an addict includes cultivating the positive aspects of that individual’s lifestyle, including his involvement with religion, spirituality or any given faith. Some treatment centers are wholly centered around religious scripture or faith-based exercises, as with daily sermons or biblical lessons. Other facilities may simply recognize a wide variety of faiths, and thus work special bible groups or prayer circles into the treatment program’s daily schedule.

If spirituality and/or religion is an important part of an addict’s lifestyle, find a treatment program which will acknowledge this and make it a part of daily life while in rehab.

Educational Strategies

Educational methods which re-integrate basic life skills into an addict’s daily routine can be key in getting someone back on their feet, drug and alcohol free. Many programs employ different styles of educational training or indoctrination. At Narconon, some of the basic life skills education courses cover topics such as:

  • Communication
  • Situation Skills
  • Spotting Negative or Destructive Personalities
  • Personal Values and Integrity
  • Ethics and Morals
  • Planning and Organization

Short-Term Treatment: The 28-Day Drug Treatment Program

It could be said that any amount of rehab is better than no rehab, as often times insurance plans or state-funded rehab programs only offer short-term 28 or 30-day programs as the only option for addicts. Sadly, one of the most common scenarios seen among recovering drug addicts and alcoholics is the quick stint at rehab, followed by a return to one’s old environment, friends and habits–i.e.: relapse.

Some addicts can and do recover after completing short-term treatment programs. More severe addictions generally take more time for treatment, and long-term, inpatient treatment is the more recommendable option where possible

What is the Answer?

The problem of addiction is best approached with a multi-facted strategy. A scientific approach is required to resolve the biophysical and cellular-level addiction; educational strategies are required for the rebuilding of one’s goals, plans and relationships; lifestyle-based methods (such as religious preferences or nutritional interests) are key in the re-establishment of a healthy, positive and productive lifestyle.

Within the Narconon program, the various program steps elaborate on these individual needs further:

  1. A complete detox program removes drug and alcohol residuals from the body.
  2. Missing or forgotten life skills are taught and exercised to help the individual live without drugs or alcohol.
  3. Underlying issues contributing to an individual’s addiction are discovered and addressed.
  4. Social skills are rehabilitated, while teaching common sense principles for maintaining a safe, un-hostile and drug-free environment.
  5. Situation skills are covered, offering tools and training for relapse prevention.
  6. The long-term treatment module allows addicts to handle all aspects of the addiction at his/her own pace.

Narconon offers a highly individualized and effective addiction treatment program for all forms of drug and alcohol abuse. To learn more, contact us at 1-800-468-6933.

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