Ending Heroin Addiction

Narconon’s unique drug rehabilitation program, first established in 1966, has been successfully completed by thousands of people throughout the world. Narconon’s dedicated executives and staff work together with our clients and families with the collective objective of ending heroin addiction through effective treatment strategies.

Narconon Treatment: Effectively Targeting Opiate Addiction

Ending Heroin Addiction

A national effort towards ending heroin addiction must include effective strategies in both prevention and treatment.

The Narconon program targets opiate abuse and the accompanying physical and mental issues brought about by substance abuse through an individualized, drug-free treatment plan. Our goal is to assist the addict, both mentally and physically, to break free from the chains of addiction and to once again regain health, happiness and one’s own life.

Based on several years of outcome studies, staff reports, family and student reviews, it has been determined that about 70% of those who complete Narconon’s drug treatment live drug abstinent lives. Further, these individuals are seen to lead productive lives, staying out of trouble and instead returning to work or school, for periods ranging 6 months up to several years.

Heroin and Other Drug Cravings

While some drugs may become undetectable in the blood and urine, some as rapidly as just a few days after their use, residual drug metabolites can remain stored in bodily tissues for up to several years. This accumulation of drug residuals can continue to cause adverse symptoms in addicts, including mental “flashbacks” and drug cravings.

Narconon’s unique New Life Detoxification Program is aimed at reducing these remaining levels of toxins in the body to assist in recovery and restore mental capacity as well as general quality of life. Through an exact combination of supervised nutritional guidelines, cardiovascular exercise, periods of time in a dry-heat sauna and additional dietary supplements, participants have been seen to experience:

  • Reduction or elimination of drug cravings
  • Reduction or elimination of many of the symptoms associated with drug abuse, including depression, irritability, anxiety and fatigue
  • Restored ability to think more clearly
  • Improved memory and attention span
  • Increased energy
  • Increased sense of well-being and enthusiasm towards life

Life Skills Treatment Phase

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program is a precise regimen of exercise and nutritional supplements that targets an elimination of chemical residuals in the the fatty tissues of the body. Following this portion of the program, individualized courses encourage the cultivation of key yet often forgotten life skills vital to successful and lasting sobriety.

  • The Learning Improvement Course aids students to overcoming common obstacles in learning and applying information–vital to obtaining work or excelling in any field.
  • The Communication & Perception Course increases personal awareness and helps the student control and be in better communication with his surrounding environment. Participants also help another student to do the exercises. By taking responsibility for helping another, each student increases his own accountability and self-confidence.
  • The Ups & Downs in Life Course gives the necessary knowledge to achieve greater personal stability and happiness in life. The student learns the characteristics of positive and supportive personalities as well as the antisocial, destructive characteristics so he can spot such individuals and better choose his friends and associates.
  • The Personal Values & Integrity Course encourages an individual to develop his own values and maintain high personal integrity and honesty. This portion of the program also gives participants the opportunity to unburden himself/herself of past misdeeds.
  • The Changing Conditions in Life Course employs principles of personal ethics and morals along with exact steps to improve any condition or situation in life, to repair past bad situations or plan for success in the future.
  • The Way To Happiness Course lays out a simple, non-religious moral code as a road map to living a happy life.

The Narconon rehabilitation program uses methodology researched and developed by American author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard. Our goal has always been to assist the addict both mentally and physically to overcome addiction and regain positive control over his/her new, drug-free life.


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