Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Narconon Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Proper drug and alcohol detoxification can be the primary difference between successful recovery and relapse.

The pattern of drug abstinence or treatment followed by relapse is seen too often in the field of recovery. Anyone who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol can relate to the feeling of “craving” more of a substance–a desperate need for drugs which, on a cyclic level, the body seemingly cannot function without. It is these cravings and the overwhelming discomfort of drug withdrawal which drives so many addicts to relapse.

One of the most unique aspects of the Narconon Program is its comprehensive and all-natural approach to targeting addiction at all levels. Beginning with a specialized drug and alcohol detoxification program, participants are given a fresh start at living drug free.

The Goals of Narconon Drug Detox

When a drug user or alcohol consumes a substance (or substances) excessively over a prolonged period of time, these substances can remain lodged in fat and muscle tissues for up to several years. Some drug users experience the adverse effects of their drug use even ten years later, reporting  “flashbacks,” mental fogginess, impaired perceptive skills, etc.

The Narconon drug and alcohol detoxification step, known as the New Life Detoxification Program, works to eliminate physical drug and alcohol cravings by eradicating residual drugs, alcohol and other chemicals from the body. The goal of the drug detox program is to rid the body of said toxins accumulated by drug use.

This key drug and alcohol detox step targets the eradication of residual and damaging substances, including:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Prescription painkillers (OxyContin, Vicodin, etc.)
  • Other prescription narcotics (Valium, Xanax, Adderall, etc.)
  • Amphetamines (crystal meth, speed, etc.)
  • Alcohol
  • Sleeping pills and tranquilizers

Medical Detox vs. Full Detoxification

Prior to beginning the New Life Detoxification Program, participants must first complete a full drug and alcohol withdrawal, which is defined as:

“… A reaction the body can have if a person suddenly stops using drugs or alcohol. This can occur if the person has been using drugs or alcohol regularly. Depending on the type and amount of drug you were using, withdrawal can be a life-threatening condition.” [Source: Patricia Griffin Kellicker, BSN]

When an individual discontinues regular use of drugs or alcohol, mental and physical discomforts may follow. In some cases, such withdrawal requires close medical supervision (medical detox) to eliminate risk and ensure safety in eliminating consistent heavy substance abuse from one’s routine. Such programs generally utilize prescription drugs and a medical protocol for the process of medical detox.

Medical detox in conjunction with Narconon’s natural withdrawal program step, which utilizes a specific blend of supplements to alleviate these discomforts, aids the body in preparation for full recovery and the New Life Detoxification Program.


On the Narconon drug and alcohol detoxification program, participants undergo the following steps.

  1. The individual performs moderate cardiovascular exercise (such as jogging or running) for a relatively short period at the start of each day to increase blood circulation in the body.
  2. This exercise period if followed by intermittent periods of time in a dry-heat sauna. The individual goes in and out of the sauna, activating profuse sweating and elimination of residual drugs and toxins in the body through the sweat and the urine.
  3. Regular nutrition and supplemental nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals, a proper diet and ample hydration are key on this program.

Participants are monitored daily until the end result is achieved.

To learn more about the Narconon program or this important detox step, call 1-800-824-0448.

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