Cocaine Addiction – Causes And Symptoms

The reason why cocaine is so addictive is that is causes feelings of euphoria in the user, cocaine affects the brains natural dopamine levels by raising them.  The initial feeling of euphoria will last for 20-30 minutes in new users, but once the cocaine users’ addiction has formed, the addict will start to feel less of a high with each dose. Sometimes the initial feeling of happiness will last only minutes, and the user feels compelled to take another hit to prolong the emotion. This is the beginning of dependence. This onset can happen very quickly in some people, while others may take more time to develop the full symptoms. Once addiction has been formed, the person will also suffer feelings of extreme withdrawal, which can make them become violent because of the anxiety the drug causes.

The joy of using cocaine and the anxiety from withdrawing from the drug makes cocaine one of the most addictive substances in the world.  This leaves a person feeling helpless and alone.   A person who is a cocaine addict continues to use the drug, even though they are experiencing negative consequences in their life as a result. They are not able to choose whether they are going to use heroin. Instead, they experience a “need” for it that becomes a driving force in their life.  However there is hope for those struggling with cocaine addiction and with the right treatment it can be fully overcome.

The earlier addiction is treated, the better. Don’t wait for your loved one to hit bottom!  Be prepared for excuses and denial in a user, especially when it comes to getting help.  It is possible to support a person with a substance abuse problem and encourage treatment and many will enroll in cocaine rehab programs because of their friends and families support. This way they can get the help they need to live a stable and productive life off drugs.

There is hope; Narconon cocaine abuse treatment is an inpatient program that specializes in teaching people how to overcome their addiction and become a productive member of society once again

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