A Look Into Xanax Addiction

xanaxAlmost everyone feels anxious at some point in their lives. We have lots of sources of stress in the modern world, so it’s not uncommon to feel like everything’s getting to you and that you don’t know what to do. While those feelings are common, some people that experience it have had the misfortune of having a doctor prescribe them Xanax to combat it.

As is common today, doctors are extremely willing to prescribe powerful drugs for even the most minor of bodily or mental discomforts. When someone is feeling anxious, this is now seen as a mental disorder that needs to be “stopped” fast. Xanax is one way of doing that. It is a powerful depressant that can lock down your mind and stop you from feeling excited about anything. If that sounds pretty awful, you’re right.

Many people that try Xanax find out that they feel even worse than they did before. Instead of occasionally feeling nervous about life, they start feeling like wooden zombies that can’t experience normal emotions anymore. Even worse, the drug is addictive, so they can start feeling like they have to keep using it whether they want to or not.

Life under Xanax Addiction

Being addicted to Xanax can be similar to other addictions and completely different at the same time. Similar to being addicted to any drug, the addict will feel and uncontrollable desire to continue taking more and more. When doctors won’t prescribe any more pills, the addict can start to look at illegal street dealers to find more of the drug. If he doesn’t get enough, he can start going through withdrawal symptoms as his body tries to punish him for not being constantly on the drug.

A different effect of Xanax addiction is that you can go into a constant funk that feels like you’re almost dead through a lot of your life. Xanax is actively suppressing the ability of your mind to experience sensations (both good and bad), so it’s like your whole life is being lived through a thick veil. You’re on one side and all the experiences of your life are on the other. It’s a terrible way for anyone to live, but far too many people are going through exactly this right now.

Getting Past Xanax Addiction

There is an answer for this problem, however. Narconon Arrowhead is an all-natural rehab center that exists to help addicts get off of whatever drugs they have hooked themselves on. It doesn’t matter if they are using illegal street drugs or something that a doctor told them to take – addicts can get sober again when they go through all the steps of the program at Narconon Arrowhead.

One recent Arrowhead graduate by the name of JJ had been using Xanax for most of her life. Even though she was prescribed it by her doctor, she never liked the way it made her feel. She got two DUIs after the drug affected her ability to drive. The drug also affected her memory and ability to be in control of her own decisions. One of her most horrible experiences was waking up after taking the drug once to find that she had received tattoos and had had sex without remembering it. JJ got pregnant from this experience without even knowing what happened.

Narconon Arrowhead helped JJ to detoxify her body of this drug and to learn the life skills she needed to put all drugs in the rear view mirror. She is now living her life not being under the influence of drugs, and it is an immeasurably happier experience.


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