Cocaine and Heroin Speedball Defined

The deadly combination of cocaine and heroin (known as speedballing) has become more widespread amongst American drug users. The consumption of a speedball appears to produce selective drug effects on users, not without serious hazards and health risks.

What is a “Speedball”?

Cocaine and Heroin Speedball Defined

Also known as “snowballing” or “powerballing,” the combination of heroin and cocaine together in the same syringe is known as a “speedball.” The risky combination is also referred to as “moonrocks” when smoked.

Cocaine acts as a stimulant, whereas heroin acts as a depressant, causing an intense euphoric rush of both drugs, canceling out each other’s negative side effects. (Heroin eliminates the anxiety which can accompany cocaine use; cocaine provides a stimulating effect, thus canceling out the sedative effects and “nodding off” caused by heroin.)

Although in a completely different category, the popular combination of vodka and Red Bull serves as a comparable example and related upper/downer drug combination. Vodka, like all heavy alcohols, acts as a sedative and depressant, slowing reaction time and making its consumers feel sleepy. Red Bull contains caffeine which offers its stimulant effects, creating a dual reaction similar to that of a speedball.

Heroin and cocaine together serve as a very addictive combination. Both drugs can cause users to lose control of thoughts and actions and are linked to criminal behavior, the contraction of serious diseases, cardiac and respiratory failure and death.


Risks of Speedballing

Over the past ten years, experts have seen a rise in the use of speedballs. In some areas, a three-fold increase in the popularty of this deadly drug combination has been recorded. The same drug risks which apply to heroin and cocaine individually apply to speedballing as well, although experts report the risk of overdose is much higher with the stimulant-sedative drug combination.

A delayed physical reaction to heroin is largely what experts believe to be the primary cause of death resulting from speedballing. The stimulant effects caused by cocaine tend to wear off more quickly than the depressant effects of heroin. As such, a fatal dose of heroin can be consumed at the same time as cocaine, producing the apparency of tolerance. Yet when the stimulant effects of cocaine wear off, the result is respiratory failure and death.

Speedball Abuse Treatment

The abuse of speedballs is linked to a number of high-profile deaths and serious adverse health reactions. If your loved one is a known speedball abuser, you must act quickly to get help for this highly dangerous form of drug abuse.

Effective treatment for simultaneous stimulant and sedative drug abuse must be comprehensive and inclusive of the following:

  • Locating and tackling underlying issues, including causes of abuse
  • Restoration of physical health, including detox and nutritional analysis
  • Life skills therapy
  • Responsibility and accountability-based therapies
  • The establishment of a strong drug-free life support structure
  • After-care and follow-up treatment strategies to ensure application of principles learned

Although speedballing is considered a severe issue, drug treatment solutions exist for this high level substance abuse problem which can restore an individual to his/her natural, drug-free and happy state. Due to the highly volatile and dangerous nature of the stimulant/sedative combination of cocaine and heroin, experts urge such drug abusers to get help right away to prevent serious injury and death.

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